Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Poetry Writing Prompt

In the poem "Here", techniques are used to convey the poets attitude toward the place he describes.The poet uses various literary elements to tell his story of a neglected yet highly industrialized place. These elements and techniques are helpful in conveying the authors reflective tone in this conciet (extended comparison of two different things) of the city and the country life.
The work talks about how people in the city are too preoccupied by the business that they tend to neglect and forget about the natural world. A big part of the poem is the use of words to create a mental picture. Imagery is found throughout the work. The author uses words like "leaves unnoticed thicken" and "hidden weeds flower" so that we can almost see that despite the city life,nature still thrives and goes on. There are several couplets inthe poem where the poet lists different things that he may be coming across as he moves through this place. This is another example of imagery, and it makes the poem "come to life" and makes this place a little more tangible to us.
The author uses personification to enhance his work. He gives non-human things human qualities like. We know that lonliness cannot really clarify,as it says in the first line of the last stanza. "Silence stands like heat" is another example of personification, which gives silence the quality of standing. This can be interpreted as extreme quietness,but how dull would it be for the poet to say "it was uncomfortably quiet". That line can also be an example of a simile, as there is a comparision between the silence and heat.
"Here" is an example of an allegory. The places and things mentioned in the poem could symbolize other things. The hedge that seperates the city from the country could symbloize the "blinders" people may have on as they are so naive to the world around them.

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Michelle said...

You have a really good thesis and follow up very nicely with the rest of your paragraphs.
Third paragraph second line "He gives non-human things human qualities like." I'm sure you just forgot to finish the sentence or you just accidentally put like.
No conclusion.